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Wavy/Curly/Frizzy Hair

Wavy hair tends to form in a loose S-shape and can be fine, medium or thick & coarse. It may lack volume or lean towards curly and have frizz and dryness issues. If your waves are subtle and on the straight side, you could require volumising products, to give your hair lift. For wavy hair that falls more on the curly side of the spectrum, opt for smoothing and conditioning products. The best shampoos and conditioners for both hair types are moisture balancing. It is a good idea to use a pre-shampoo conditioner or a hair mask once a week to restore and maintain strength, elasticity and shine. To give wavy or curly hair added shine, hair care products need to deeply hydrate & condition, to smooth the hair and encourage light reflection. Holistic Hair offer the Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner with nutrient-rich Avocado & Palmarosa oils for both wavy & curly hair to restore hydration, strength and elasticity to the hair.  Antioxidant-rich Radish oil combines with Chamomile for protection and shine. Pure Shampoo & Conditioner are also suitable with the Aloe Vera & Manuka Honey to restore moisture & hydration.  Vitamin E a rich antioxidant imparts softness and shine for healthy beautiful hair.