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Customer Reviews

Sensitive Shampoo & Conditioner 
This is the very best shampoo and conditioner for me by far. I have very fine, and not much hair. Nothing before has ever made my hair feel and look “normal".
Joanne R
Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner 
Lovely products. I'm very happy. Hair looks and feels great.
Gretchen W


Pure Shampoo & Conditioner 

Love this shampoo & conditioner! Smells fantastic and made my hair as smooth as butter. It really cleanses my scalp & hair. Highly recommend. 

❤️KAKA❤️ Lifestyle Explorer | Melbourne I Hong Kong Lifestyle

Excellent product, so glad I've finally found a solution for my itchy flaky inflamed scalp.I'm recommending Holistic Hair to everyone even if they don't have scalp problems.
Anna Anderson


Herbal Finishing Rinse
I've used the Holistic Hair Herbal Finishing Rinse for 6 months now and its made a huge difference to both my scalp & hair. I used to get really tangly hair and since using this product my hair is so much more manageable and shiny. Also I'm not getting dandruff like I used to.
Alex Patton
Salt of the Earth Volumising & Texturising Spray
I love this product. I like my hair to look fuller and this product really works. You don't need to use too much and it’s not drying.
Mia Trent
This product does what it promises. I have naturally curly hair and when I don't feel like styling it I can jump out of the shower with washed hair, spray the texturising spray in, scrunch up the curls and I'm good to go. Even better this product is natural and chemical free.
Billie C


Essential Scalp Spray
Amazing changes to my hair after I used this product for more than 2 months.
Admira Connell 

Scalp Treatment Oil
My naturopath friend introduced me to the Scalp Treatment Oil. She recommended it because my scalp flares up a lot. It's very good and I now use it as a daily/weekly treatment as needed. Love the smell of the plant oils. Good work Holistic Hair this product is a winner!
Grace Matheson