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Holistic Hair is Certified Plastic Neutral Plus

Plastic Neutral Plus Certification

At Holistic Hair, our commitment to the environment is paramount. That's why we're proud to be Plastic Neutral Plus certified, a testament to our dedication to sustainability. Being Plastic Neutral means that for every unit of plastic we create, an equivalent amount of plastic waste is recovered and properly recycled or repurposed.

But we don't stop at neutrality. We take it a step further by proudly using 100% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) plastic for our bottles and actively recovering more plastic than we emit. This dedication has earned us the esteemed status of Plastic Neutral Plus.

By choosing Holistic Hair products, you directly contribute to preventing plastic from polluting our oceans. Your support also plays a crucial role in advancing global waste management infrastructure.

Our Partners - CleanHub & ecoBali

In 2006, Paola and Ketut founded ecoBali with a mission to tackle the pressing issue of inadequate waste management in Bali. They were deeply concerned about the linear approach of "take, make, and dispose" and wanted to introduce a more circular model for waste management. Thus began their journey towards providing a comprehensive waste recovery, collection, and recycling service that focuses on separating non-organic materials such as plastic, paper, glass, and metal right at the source.

ecoBali collects waste from various sources including households, junkyards, waste banks, and government-run collection sites. Over the years, they have successfully recovered and recycled thousands of tonnes of non-organic materials. Their goal is to expand their services to encompass more communities across urban and rural areas as well as businesses.

One crucial aspect of ecoBali's operations is preventing waste from polluting our oceans. Currently focused on locations like Badung, Denpasar Tabanan, Gianyar in Bali; their ultimate aim is to cover the entire island.

The underlying principle behind ecoBali's work is treating waste as a valuable resource rather than mere garbage. This includes responsibly recovering and recycling discarded materials like plastic. At their sorting center facilities post-consumer materials are meticulously separated to maximize recovery and achieve an impressive recycling rate exceeding 90%. Additionally, community-based Waste Banks (TPS3R) have been established to encourage active participation within communities towards material recovery while promoting a circular economy approach over traditional linear collection-disposal systems.

To expand its reach even further, into remote areas where plastic pollution persists, ecoBali has partnered with CleanHub. CleanHub connects brands like Holistic Hair who are committed to environmental & social responsibility, with organizations like ecoBali. Through its platform and technology, it enables the effective collection of plastics that would otherwise be dumped or burned in the environment.

Through official tracking apps utilized by all CleanHub partners including ecoBali, accurate records are maintained regarding collected volumes. This real-time tracking provides a transparent view of the data flowing into the CleanHub system from all collection hubs. Each recorded event represents collected plastic, which is then sorted and responsibly recycled.

Holistic Hair is proud to partner with both CleanHub and ecoBali to help fund the recovery and recycling of waste in Bali and prevent plastic from entering the oceans. As part of our 7 Sustainable Development Goals we aim to provide opportunities for employment and improve the waste management system in Bali in line with a circular, closed-loop economy. View our CleanHub recovery & collection goal & progress here.